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The Wayfarer Travel is a service to move one of your characters to a different server. It has been introduced in the maintenance from November 30th 2021. Your choice of server to transfer to is **not restricted** to regions.

To use the service, you will need at least one Wayfarer Travel Pass.

After transferring, you have a five-day cooldown until you can transfer the same character again.

Cost[edit | edit source]

The cost of transferring is based on the "distance" of servers:

Transfer Example Quantity
Transferring to different server of the same region Transferring to ASIA44 from ASIA11 (both are in the same region: ASIA1) 1 Pass
Transferring to different region of the same continent Transferring to EU64 server of EU2 from EU13 server of region EU1 2 Pass
Transferring to different continent's server Transferring to server EU13 of EU1 from ASIA11 of ASIA1 3 Pass

Available Servers[edit | edit source]

Please be aware that not all servers might be available to travel to. Check out the forum post for future unlocks.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

To use Wayfarer Travel, your character has to be level 40. Also, your character must not have any internal injuries, lost items or Exp.png that can be restored (caused by death). In addition, you must not have any items registered or in settlement in the market.

You must not be in a clan and have read or your mail. Furthermore, all items in your cash shop storage have to be claimed. Also, no ongoing processes like unsealing or conquest promotions can be ongoing.

On the server of choice, you must have at least one character slot free for the character to be transferred.

Before finally transferring, you have to move to Bicheon Castle and must not be be in a party.

Transferable data[edit | edit source]

The following data will be transferred:

The following data will not be transferred:

  • The info of registered sales, settlements and the history of the market
  • The ranking of your character on the old server (will be re-calculated on the new one)
  • Your friend list
  • Set bounty
  • All mail
  • The chat history