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Resources are a way to measure wealth in MIR4. There are multiple types of resources, also known as currencies, in the game. The three resources used for the store are copper, mileage and gold. Other resources like energy or darksteel are used for crafting or enhancement.

Screenshot of the resource overview

Gold.png Gold[edit | edit source]

Cash shop currency, can be obtained for real money. Primarly used for cash shop purchases but also for Summoning, recharging Raid tickets or similar.

Copper.png Copper[edit | edit source]

Most common currency. Received from missions, tasks or selling items. Can be used to buy items from vendors, summoning items, bag expansions etc.

Necessary for Enhancing and Enchanting, as well as Crafting.

Mileage.png Mileage[edit | edit source]

Received by buying something at the cash shop as "bonus". Can be used in the cash shop as well.

Energy.png Energy[edit | edit source]

Obtained by meditating at an energy pulse node. Used for training Inner Force (and more).

Darksteel.png Darksteel[edit | edit source]

Obtained by mining in Bicheon Valley, Snake Pit Valley or special areas like Secret Peak or Magic Square. Necessary for enhancing and enchanting, as well as Crafting. Also used to smelt into DRACO.

Dragon jade.png Dragon Jade[edit | edit source]

Can be purchased through the cash shop. Used to upgrade clan techniques when the cooperation count is exhausted.

Speed-ups.png Speed-ups[edit | edit source]

Can be used to speed up unsealing or conquest promotions. Obtained through the cash shop or Speed-up tickets.

Ancient coin.png Ancient Coins[edit | edit source]

Obtained by farming at Magic Square and Secret Peak. It is also a reward for completing Raids. Can be used in the spacetime shop.

Clan coin.png Clan Coins[edit | edit source]

Received by fulfilling clan activities. Can be spent inside the Clan Shop.

Exp.png Experience[edit | edit source]

While this is not a traditional resource, it will be counted as such here. Experience is obtained by hunting monsters and completing missions or raids.

Dragonsteel.pngDragonsteel[edit | edit source]

Received by buying in cash shop, Septaria exchange, Spacetime shop, finishing missions and request missions.