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Besides enhancing there is another way to improve items called enchanting. While enchanting cannot destroy the item, it still has random elements.

When attempting to enchant an item, additional attributes will be rolled randomly. Both, the attribute type and the attribute value are random. Each attempt costs darksteelDarksteel.png, copperCopper.png and identification scrollsIdentification scroll.png.

Screenshot of the enchantment menu.

Depending on the rarity of the item, a different number of attributes can be added.

Enchantment attempt cost and slots by item rarity
Item rarity Cost Attribute slots
Uncommon 3,000 Copper.png1,000 Darksteel.pngIdentification scroll.png 2
Rare 6,000 Copper.png2,000 Darksteel.pngIdentification scroll.png 3
Epic ??? Copper.png3,000 Darksteel.pngIdentification scroll.png 4
Legendary ? ?