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This wiki is a community-driven and unofficial wiki for the game MIR4. We are neither part of nor endorsed by WeMade. Nevertheless, the goal is to collect as much info about the game here as possible to make it easier for players to figure out where to get several items, how to solve missions and how game mechanics work.

What MIR4 Wiki is[edit source]

MIR4 Wiki is

  • a wiki, which means the content is created an curated by community members.
That means, everyone can contribute, add missing info, verify changes, fix typos, update items and so on.
  • a collection of knowledge about MIR4
In MIR4 Wiki, you will find info directly from the game (like icons, mission descriptions, crafting recipes and so on) but also collected information from players (like guides, mission walkthroughs, and so on)
  • a site under the CC-BY-SA license.
Everyone can copy and adapt content from the MIR4 Wiki articles on their own websites, articles and so on, as long as correct attribution is given. Attribution usually means the name of the author(s) and a link pointing back the source (e.g. the wiki article).

What MIR4 Wiki is not[edit source]

MIR4 Wiki is not

  • perfect
There will always be information in a wiki that is outdated, incorrect or missing. The good thing is that 'you can change that and help correcting or adding information!
Because there were misunderstandings in the past, it is important to mention it again. MIR4 wiki is not owned, published or part of WeMade. This is a fan project running independently.