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Clans are players player that cooperate and play together more effectively and reward them for doing so. Players can join or create a clan as soon as the character reaches level ten.

Clans have a fixed amount of maximum member (which can be increased through the Martial Arts Hall clan techniques).

Creating or joining a clan[edit | edit source]

Creating a clan[edit | edit source]

After reaching level ten, a clan can be created by a player for a fee of 50,000 Copper.png. Therefore tap or click on the Clan icon on the top right of the screen or in the menu. Then, choose Create. You can now set up your clan symbol from a variety of backgrounds and icons. Eventually, choose a name and click on Create clan to create your clan.

Joining a clan[edit | edit source]

Joining a clan works similar to creating a clan. You have to tap or click on the Clan icon as well but then choose Join/List (or Clan List). You can then filter through clans based on their ranking, power score or level. To join, you can choose the preferred clan and click on Join Request, if your character match possible power score requirements that the clan chose. If the clan accepts request automatically, you are immediately a clan member. If the clan set their Join Clan settings to approval join, a clan member with sufficient permission has to accept your request.

Features[edit | edit source]

Clans have a variety of benefits for their members.

Clan support[edit | edit source]

Players can support their fellow clan members by speeding up progress of time-based duties for free, such as:

The impact of supporting depends on the length of the duty duration:

  • If the duration is less than 150 minutes, supporting will speed up the duty by one minute
  • If the duration is more than 150 minutes, supporting will speed up the duty by 1,5% of the length (rounded down)

Players supporting other players will also earn clan coins for their help, up to 1,000 Clan coin.pngper day.

Supplies and gifts[edit | edit source]

Report activities[edit | edit source]

By doing certain activities every day, clanmates can earn clan coins, and provide the clan a bit of EXP and resources. It is also possible to pre-fill the completion bar for the next day (for example, by harvesting 30 additional herbs or ores)

Clan supply - report activities.png

Clan Gift[edit | edit source]

Common chests are sent to all members anytime one of them finishes a raid or a boss raid. The grade of the box (Common, Plain, Decent etc) affects the rewards inside and depend on the difficulty of the raid/boss raid.

Chests can also be regularily be received by upgrading the Wayfarer technology.

"Lucky" chests are sent to all members when a clanmate buys an item containing them at the game shop.

Blessed Box[edit | edit source]

the golden chest contains ample, if random, rewards. It can be acquired every time the amount of "golden keys" fill its bar, and be leveled up.

Common chests (see previous section) gives keys and "blessed box" EXP. Wayfarer boxes, however, gives neither.

  • Level 1 - 10: Common Blessed Box. It requires 4M keys to unlock
  • Level 11 - ?: Uncommon Blessed Box. It requires 5M keys to unlock

Clan technology[edit | edit source]

prérequisites[edit | edit source]

clan developopement
  • ?
clan refinement techs
  • (leftmost) 1st column :
    • no requirement to research (except possibly in Clan Level)
  • 2nd column techs
    • to unlock the first 3 levels , the linked parent tech to their left must be at least level 3
    • to unlock level 4 to 6, the parent tech must be at least level 5
    • to unlock level 7 to (?), the parent tech must be at least level 7
  • 3rd column tech
    • to unlock the first 3 levels , the linked parent tech(s) to their left must be at least level 3
Clan warfare
  • (leftmost) 1st column :
    • no requirement beside possibly clan level
  • 2nd column tech
    • to unlock the first 3 levels , the linked parent techs must be at least level 3, and the clan must be level 8+

Clan shop[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clan shop

Items can be bought from the shop using clan coinsClan coin.png.

To add items to the shop, the clan leader or elders need to pay clan resources.

Clan warehouse[edit | edit source]

the Warehouse menu displays the inputs and ouputs of resources to the clan.

Donations[edit | edit source]

This is also where members can do their daily donation or copperCopper.png (up to 10k), darksteelDarksteel.png (up to 5k), energyEnergy.png (up to 5k) or goldGold.png (no limit) and get clan coinsClan coin.png in exchange.

Clan donation interface

Passive incomes[edit | edit source]

The clan gains ressources when a member does certain activities, or when an Expedition or a Challenge is successfully finished

Boss Raids[edit | edit source]

(to add : clan EXP ?)

Raids[edit | edit source]

(to add : clan EXP ?)

  • Underground Jail: 2 clan copper, 150 clan energy
  • Twinway Maze: 3 clan copper, 173 clan energy
  • Demon's Ruin: 4 clan copper, 196 clan energy
  • Demoniac Mine: 5 clan copper, 219 clan energy
  • Dusk Armado Lair: 6 clan copper, 241 clan energy
  • Hall of Greed: 8 clan copper, 264 clan energy
  • Sinner's Den: 10 clan copper, 287 clan energy
  • Hatchery Cave: 12 clan copper, 310 clan energy
  • Nethersoul Fiend: 14 clan copper, 332 clan energy
  • Wailing Dead Mine: 17 clan copper, 355 clan energy
Expeditions[edit | edit source]

Gain is per successful expedition, not per member

Clan Challenge[edit | edit source]

Gain is per successful challenge (5/5 bosses killed), not per member.

  • Stage 1 : 2500 clan EXP, 100k clan energy
  • Stage 2 : 5000 clan EXP, 150k clan energy
  • Stage 3 : 7500 clan EXP, 200k clan energy
  • Stage 4 : 10000 clan EXP, 250k clan energy
  • Stage 5 : 12300 clan EXP, 300k clan energy
  • Stage 6 : 16000 clan EXP, 350k clan energy


Research[edit | edit source]

For each "cooperation" (helping research a technology), the clan gains the following:

  • "Clan Developement" tab: 3 clan EXP, 4 clan copper. Member gains 60 clan coins.
  • "clan Refinement" tab: 3 clan EXP, 10 clan energy. Member gains 60 clan coins.
  • "Clan Warfare" tab: 3 clan EXP, 10 clan Darksteel. Member gains 60 clan coins.
  • "Activate Tech" tab: 3 clan EXP, [clan ressource may vary]. Member gains 60 clan coins.

Expedition[edit | edit source]

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Targets[edit | edit source]