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The power score of a character indicates their strength. It is increased by improving the attributes of a character, e.g. by equipping better items or training inner force as well as constitution. It's also permanently increased by a small amount after summoning spirits or enhancing gear (sometimes even after a failed enhancement breaks the item)

A specific power score is needed to access the different raids and boss raids, as well as the different special areas. A character starts with 2602 power score, given no server codex had been completed.

Power Score gain per attribute
Attribute Power Score increase (per point or 0.1%) (per 1 point for hp/mp)
Hp.png Health points 0,3
Mp.png Mana points 0,9
Phys atk.png Physical attack 3
Phys def.png Physical defense 3
Spell atk.png Spell attack 3
Spell def.png Spell defense 3
Accuracy.png Accuracy 2
Eva.png Evasion 2
Crit.png Critical hit 1
Crit eva.png Critical hit evasion 1
Crit atk dmg boost.png Critical hit attack damage boost 1
Crit dmg reduction.png Critical hit damage reduction 1
Bash atk dmg boost.png Bash attack damage boost 1
Bash dmg reduction.png Bash damage reduction 1
Pvp atk dmg boost.png Pvp attack damage boost 1
Pvp dmg reduction.png Pvp damage reduction 1
Monster atk dmg boost.png Monster attack damage boost 1
Monster dmg reduction.png Monster damage reduction 1
Boss atk dmg boost.png Boss attack damage boost 1
Boss dmg reduction.png Boss damage reduction 1
Skill atk dmg boost.png Skill attack damage boost 1
Skill dmg reduction.png Skill damage reduction 1
All atk dmg boost.png All attack damage boost 1
All dmg reduction.png All damage reduction 1
Stun success boost.png Stun success boost 1
Stun res boost.png Stun resistance boost 1
Debilitation success boost.png Debilitation success boost 1
Debilitation res boost.png Debilitation resistance boost 1
Silence success boost.png Silence success boost 1
Silence res boost.png Silence resistance boost 1
Knockdown success boost.png Knockdown success boost 1
Knockdown res boost.png Knockdown resistance boost 1