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Depending on the properties of the area, attacking and killing other players might be enabled. This is the case for most areas.

Mode[edit | edit source]

The PvP mode influences which other players you can attack by default. You can toggle the mode by clicking on the respective widget on the top left of your screen.

Be aware that you can always attack users on the most wanted list or in clans you be at war with.

PvP modes with attack rules
Name Can attack
Peaceful No other players
Lawful Players with bad or lower alignment, except party members, clan members and friends
Hostile All players, except party members, clan members and friends
Carnal All players, except party members

Propensity[edit | edit source]

Propensity is a way to measure a character's alignment. A positive amount of propensity indicates "good behavior", a negative amount indicates that the character killed other neutral or good players.

When killing other characters in COMN areas, propensity points will be influenced. The amount depends mainly on the victim's status. If the victim had a normal or good state, your propensity points will be decreased. Else, they will be increased.This only applies if the other player did not attack you first, indicated by the character's dark purple name.

It is important to notice that you do not gain or lose propensity in special, danger or sparring areas.

Also, members of the clan that is holding a valley can kill players in their valle without losing propensity.

Propensity points gained by kill in CMON zone
Status of the victim Propensity gained
Good -1000
Normal -1000
Red Name (Bad or below) 5
Self-defense (dark purple name) 0

When reaching a certain amount of negative propensity, EXP gain will be greatly reduced.

Propensity state, EXP penality and debuffs
State Propensity Points needed Experience gain Further debuff
Good >= 5,000 Unchanged [verification requested] ?
Normal 4,999 to -499 Unchanged None
Bad -500 to -3,499 -30% No fast travelling anymore.
Vicious/Evil -3,500 to -9,999 -50% No fast travelling anymore.
Outlaw <= -10,000 -70% No fast travelling anymore.

Also, PVP ATK DMG Boost by -100% and PvP DMG Reduction by -100%[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Even though not mentioned in the patch notes, the propensity gain for killing people with a red name increased from 3 to 5 since the maintenance on October 18th.