Hidden Valley Capture

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Hidden Valley Capture is a weekly competitive contest which determines the owners of the Bicheon Valley, Snake Valley and Redmoon Valley areas. Clans can fight about the ownership of each valley. It starts every wednesday at 10pm (server time) and will last for one hour.

A clan can only capture one of the valleys at the same time. Valley occupation will last until the next Hidden Valley Capture, so usually one week.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Only clans can fight for the ownership of a valley. To participate, clans have to have brought the Taxation Bureu clan tech to at least level one. If that is the case, anyone in a clan can particiapte.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

During the Hidden Valley Capture, eligible players can teleport to the valleys through the Menu (War => Territory => Enter (now)). The monoliths are each located in the fourth floor of the valley:

The monoliths can be captured by delivering the final blow to it. When a monolith has been destroyed, everyone except the members of the clan who destroyed it is being teleported back to the nearest town. Remaining members of the clan can restore power of the monolith. Whichever clan possesses the monolith at 11pm will become the owner of the valley for the next week.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Members of the victorious clan will earn clan coins for themselves and clan funds for the clan. In addition, the valley-exclusive clan expedition will be available throughout the week.

But the most important benefit is that the clan who occupies a valley will receive 15% of the mined darksteel as tax. It will be deposited to the clan storage and can be sold for gold by using the darksteel merchants in major cities and at the entrance of valleys.

Furthermore, special clan shop items can be unlocked when owning a specific valley:

Results per server[edit | edit source]