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Status Effects can either increase or decrease your player's Attributes, and can be categorized as Buffs or Debuffs.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Buffs are Status effects that is beneficial to your character as they increase the target's basic Attributes for a set amount of time.

List of Buffs
Name Ingame Description Description
Invincible Invincible Immune to Damage
Combo All Dmg Boost [n]% Damage boost multiplier Increases the longer you fight (1%-5%)
Uninterruptible Uninterruptible and immune to Crowd Control. Immune to Crowd Control

Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Debuffs are Status effects that is Harmful to your Player's Attributes as they decrease the target's basic Attributes for a set amount of time.

List of Debuffs
Name Ingame Description Description
Chilled movement speed -50%
Bleed Damage over time.
Internal Injury
Weaken Effect Weaken is a debuff which affects the target's basic stats. it grants skills with bash effects

to deal increased damage and some skills to add status effects to the target.

Daze Triggers bash (Does not stack).
Confuse Triggers bash (Does not stack).
Marker Triggers bash (Does not Stack).
Chill Triggers bash, Chance to Freeze (Stun), DMG boost (Max 3 stats)
Burn DMG boost, Unremovable (Max 3 stacks).
Darkness Debuff increasing Silence/Blind application chance (Max 3 stats)
Silence Effect Unable to use most skills for a set duration.
Blindness Effect Enveloped in shadow, missing most attacks for a set duration.