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This page is intended to keep track of what content is missing or can be improved on the wiki.

Partially missing content[edit source]

Content listed here has usually some examples available already and mainly needs time and dilligence to fill.

Fully missing content[edit source]

As there are still many uncertainties in MIR4, some of the content is fully missing. If you have expierence in one of the informational topics, feel free to start the site. All content that needs a template might need a bit more work.

Informational[edit source]

World Map[edit source]

Item-related[edit source]

  • Weapon and Equipment
    • Also needs an adapted template
  • Level Reward Chests (and their content)
  • Codices
    • All of them are missing at the moment
    • needs template to add them + required items, also based on the class
  • Magic Stones
    • needs template (as well as info about main stat and possible side stats
  • Clan techniques
    • User:Darkoneko did a great job listing most of the requirements. Icons do exist too.
    • Still needs a decent example page / template though

Character-related[edit source]

Shop-related[edit source]

Monster-related[edit source]

Reworks[edit source]

Spirit Treasures[edit source]

  • Create and add a template similar to Template:Item_infobox that also reflects attributes (with e.g. `Has Attribute:<NAME>;<VALUE>`)