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The Zoetrope is a system to reward players for watching advertisements. It is only available on mobile devices.

Per watched ad, the character will receive one Horse Emblem Watching ads is limited to a maximum of 20 per day by device (and not by account or character).

After watching (10/10) ads on a character, you will receive:

Exchange Station[edit | edit source]

Item Cost in Horse Emblem
Dragon Material Summon Ticket 4
Skill Tome Summon Ticket 5
Spirit Stone Summon Ticket 5
Secret Peak Ticket 6
Magic Square Ticket 6
Raid Ticket 6
Boss Raid Ticket 6
Hunting Pill (Exp By 2% For 30 Min) (MAX 10 Per Daily) 1
Combat Pill (All ATK Damege By 1% For 30 Min) (MAX 10 Per Daily) 1
Gathering Pill (Meditation/Gathering/Mining Speed By 3% For 30 Min) (MAX 10 Per Daily) 1
Vigor Pill (30 Min) (Max 4 Per Daily) 2
Copper (10,000) (Max 10 Per Daily) 1
Speed Up(10 Min) (Max 10 Per Daily) 1