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Description[edit source]

Use this infobox for rendering general items within the game.

Usage[edit source]

{{Item infobox
| name =
| icon =
| description =
| type =
| level =
| rarity =
| tradable =
| value =

Parameters[edit source]

Parameter Optional? Default Notes
name Optional Name of the article ({{PAGENAME}})
icon Optional File:{{PAGENAME}}.png Inventory icon.
description Verbatim from the game
type <type> Use only these values:
  • consumable — effect when used; see subtypes below
    • hp potion — All HP potions
    • mp potion — All MP potions
    • potion — All other potions (droprate, gathering etc.)
    • recharge vigor — Recharge vigor items
    • 'travel scroll' — Scrolls to teleport
  • sealed box — boxes for Unsealing
  • use item - Items that can be used to recharge system-based things, e.g. raid tickets or 5-Minute Speed-up Ticket
  • summon tickets - Items as tickets for summoning
  • quest item - Items that are rewarded during and/or used for missions only.
  • common item - Misc items classified as "common items" from the game
  • spirit treasure - Spirit equipment. See Spirit treasure
  • spirit stone - Items to deploy Spirits.
  • crafting material - materials used for crafting. Also set the "material type" parameter, see below.
  • clan gift - Pseudo-items that are rewards in the clan supply section such as Plain Raid Box.
material type Optional The material type for any item with type = Crafting material set.
Use any of the following:
tier Optional The crafting tier for any crafting material

Parameters handled by {{Default item parameter}} template[edit source]

Optional. If the item is part of any codex, separated by ";".
Optional. Defaults to 'Unspecified'. Rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary.
Optional. Required level to use the item.
Optional. Required class to use item. Important for equipment or skill tomes.
Optional. If the item can be obtained as tradable.
Optional. The amount of Copper.png the item can be sold through the inventory.
Optional. Release date in Y-m-d format (e.g. 2022-01-25)

Example[edit source]

{{item infobox
| name = Medium MP Potion
| icon = Medium MP Potion.png
| description = Take it to recover 300 MP instantly.
| type = mp potion
| rarity = uncommon
| tradable = yes
| value = 6

Take it to recover 300 MP instantly.

— In-game description

This scroll is used to identify the hidden powers of equipment. You can use it to Enchant in the Forge.

— In-game description

Notes[edit source]

This template was adapted from Template:Item_infobox on Guild Wars 2 Wiki.