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Description[edit source]

Use this infobox for rendering missions within the game.

Usage[edit source]

{{Mission infobox
| name =
| type =
| task =
| ps =
| area =
| given by =
| given at =
| unlocked by =
| release =

Parameters[edit source]

Parameter Optional? Default Notes
name Optional Name of the article ({{PAGENAME}})
type Unspecified Mission type. Use only these values:
  • request — For all requests
  • repeatable — For all repeatable missions
  • main — For all story missions
  • common — For all area-based missions that are neither repeatable nor story missions
ps Optional empty Recommended Power Score as indicated ingame.
task Optional empty Verbatim from the game (e.g. "Find the Flat Tomb" or "Mine Ore (0/20)"). When including numbers, always use the default case. (not e.g. 19/20)
area Optional empty Name of the area the mission has to be solved in (not necessarily where the quest giver is)
given by Optional empty Mostly for requests, add the name of the quest giver.
given at Optional empty Mostly for requests, add the name of the quest giver area.
unlocked by Optional empty If exists, mission that is necessary to unlock this one. For story missions, always the previous story mission. For request, the required previous request.
release Optional empty Date of release (Y-m-d format)
Future Parameters
map1 to map99 Optional empty TODO File names for map locations
status Optional empty future or historical if quest is gone or will be implemented.

Example[edit source]

{{Mission infobox
| name = Check the Mist's Source
| type = common
| task = Collect Venomous Sap (0/30)
| ps = 12505
| area = Nefariox Necropolis 1F

Collect Venomous Sap (0/30)

— In-game description

{{Mission infobox
| name = Prepare to Meet Sondeok
| type = request
| task = Collect Porkinator's Hair (0/240)
| ps = 12505
| area = Bicheon Labyrinth 1F
| given by = Yoh Sua

Collect Porkinator's Hair (0/240)

— In-game description

Obtain Board Fiend's Emergency Food (0/45)

— In-game description