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A request is a special type of mission. Only one request can be active at the same time. To accept a request, you have to talk with the NPC which provides the request.

The request menu of MIR4 listing available and completed requests by area of the quest giver
The request menu of MIR4 listing available and completed requests by area of the quest giver

List of Requests[edit | edit source]

Clandestine Investigation 5(Elite) Bicheon Castle BackstreetGuard Wucheong
Small GiftBicheon TownYangryeo
Eggplant likeNefariox Necropolis 1F
I Want to be StrongerNefariox Necropolis 1FGuard Han Socheol
Egglike PlantNefariox Necropolis 1FJang Soye
Drunkard Wu Yeogi 2Bicheon Labyrinth 1FChoi Jaegak
Prepare to Meet SondeokBicheon Labyrinth 1FYoh Sua
Secretive ClientsNefariox Necropolis 1FSeongjin
Two-timer(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 1FJaesung
Last DescendantBicheon Labyrinth 1FGuard Gyujo
Curious Reaction(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 1FGuard Bonghyo
Nefariox BloodBicheon Labyrinth 1FJuyak
Item to Win One's HeartNefariox Necropolis 2FGuard Galsan
Dangerous StatueNefariox Necropolis 2FJun Wolsan
Curses Can Bring You MoneyBicheon Labyrinth 1FEunshil
Unforgettable MemoryNefariox Necropolis 2FSodam
Sondeok's Taste(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 1FYongtaek
Rumors Now Makes SenseBicheon Labyrinth 1FGofer
Drunkard Wu Yeogi 1(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 1FHonggoon
Government Officer's DutyNefariox Necropolis 2FYeonghoon
For the Greater Good(Elite) Nefariox Ruins 1FGunhun
Way of the Renowned Righteous FactionNefariox Necropolis 2FSeokman
Demon's Madness(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 2FGuard Bonghyo
Drunkard Wu Yeogi 3Bicheon Labyrinth 2FChoi Jaegak
A Demanding RequestBicheon Labyrinth 2FJasun
Evidence That It's Not a Curse(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 2F
Vengeful Soul Summoned by the PrincessBicheon Labyrinth 2FMyeonghae
Find a Way OutBicheon Labyrinth 3FJangwi
Ownerless Gold IngotBicheon Labyrinth 3FJaesung
Exquisite Liquor of the TaphouseNefariox Ruins 1FWangtae
Drunkard Wu Yeogi 4Bicheon Labyrinth 3FYongtaek
All Due to DrinkingNefariox Ruins 1FGuard Seonju
Cost of a Government PositionNefariox Ruins 1FYuga
Very Thick Family RecordNefariox Ruins 1FYunseok
Savior of AllBicheon Labyrinth 3FJaegyu
Unexpected IncomeNefariox Ruins 2FGuard Gilsong
Poisoned AttractionGinkgo ValleyGijeon
Unreasonable OrderBicheon Labyrinth 3FChoi Jaegak
Unreliable InformationNefariox Ruins 2FSa Jeontaek
Hunt Human Hunters(Elite) Nefariox Ruins 1FJang Baeksan
Beautiful But DangerousNefariox Ruins 2FGuard Seoryang
Splendor of the Mount Tai Sect(Elite) Nefariox Ruins 1FGunhun
A Subject's Duty(Elite) Nefariox Necropolis 2FWi Myeong-ok
Dwindling LifeNefariox Ruins 2FGanghoo
God-Slaying WeaponBicheon Labyrinth 3FJungwoong
What Cannot Be BoughtNefariox Ruins 2FSaeyul
Right Under Your Nose(Elite) Nefariox Ruins 1FJaehyun
When the Dragon ComesBicheon TownMinguk
Demon EatersBicheon TownMr. Meat
It's Not Jo GyuBicheon TownMr. Meat
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