Dark Secret Passage

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Dark Secret Passage is the first of many story missions that is provided automatically.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to Yiun
  2. Talk to Brother Yiun
  3. Go with Yiun
  4. Talk to Brother Sangbaek
  5. Find Brother Yiun
  6. Go down the cliff (Air Walk)
  7. Rescue Brother from danger
    • This will unlock your third skill
  8. Go with Yiun
  9. Defeat Bats in Cavern Bloom (0/3)
  10. Collect Cavern Bloom Sap
  11. Return to Master Sarmati
  12. Battle King Cheongol
    • After the fight, you will learn how to double jump via air walk
  13. To Bicheon Castle Jail