Common mission

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Common missions are missions that can be accomplished only once per character. They are bound to a specific area and do not have a quest giver. Instead, they can be accepted through the mission menu.

List of common missions[edit | edit source]

Twinway Clan Guardian CPT(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Twinway Clan Leader(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Twinway Clan Grand Master(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Annihilate the Scout Squad(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Annihilate the Guardian Squad(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Clan Leader's Token(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Twinway Clan Scout CPT(Elite) Bicheon Castle Backstreet
Joy of Gathering (Bicheon Town)Bicheon Town
Gather in Bicheon TownBicheon Town
Joy of Mining (Bicheon Town)Bicheon Town
Energy CollectorBicheon Town
Hidden TreasureBicheon Town
Loot the RobbersBicheon Town
A New Source of StrengthBicheon Town
Identify the CriminalBicheon Town
Mine in Bicheon TownBicheon Town
Bicheon Town SlaughtererBicheon Town
Someone's TreasureNefariox Necropolis 1F
Find a ClueNefariox Necropolis 1F
Keeper of the TombNefariox Necropolis 1F
Check the Mist's SourceNefariox Necropolis 1F
Followers of the Living WraithNefariox Necropolis 1F
Missing TreasureNefariox Necropolis 1F
Boss of Nefariox Necropolis 1FNefariox Necropolis 1F
Be a Good PersonBicheon Town
Hunter's WeaponNefariox Ruins 1F
Sniffer's HairNefariox Ruins 1F
Evidence of the BeastBicheon Town
Beast King's TrapNefariox Ruins 1F
Raid Red WolvesBicheon Town
Investigate the WantedBicheon Town
Buwoo's OrderNefariox Ruins 2F
Chadora's UnderlingNefariox Ruins 2F
Buwoo's UnderlingNefariox Ruins 2F
True BrawlerNefariox Ruins 2F
Wicked MageNefariox Ruins 2F
Chadora's OrderNefariox Ruins 2F
Stolen Iron OreNefariox Ruins 2F
Forgotten ConquerorNefariox Ruins 2F
Ulok's OrderNefariox Ruins 2F
Kushall's OrderNefariox Ruins 2F
Ulok's UnderlingNefariox Ruins 2F
Kushall's UnderlingNefariox Ruins 2F
Warlord's AuthorityNefariox Ruins 2F
Peculiar WeaponSnake Pit
DrifterViperbiest Plain
Mukdol's Underling(Elite) Viperbiest Plain
Chuneul's Believers(Elite) Viperbiest Plain
Roving DrifterViperbiest Plain
Bladesharp Cat Grand Chief(Elite) Viperbiest Plain
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