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This guide summarizes what you should do every day before the daily reset to get the maximum out of MIR4.

The three daily "Step Up" bundles in the MIR4 cash shop
The three daily "Step Up" bundles in the MIR4 cash shop
  1. Buy all three "step up" items in the cash shop.
  2. Buy at least three summoning items for Copper.png from the cash shop (one of each summoning category).
    • You can also buy more if you have enough copper to spend
  3. Buy (UC) Enhancement Stones from the vendor of your choice (available in every city, e.g. Bicheon Castle).
  4. Watch 20 ads of Zoetrope on your mobile device (if you have one)
  5. Spend all your tickets for
  6. Get your rewards for login from the event tab
  7. Donate to your clan through the warehouse
  8. Support all clan requests
  9. Spend your cooperation for the clan tech your clan is investing it right now.
    • This should be done multiple times throughout the day
  10. Claim your rewards, mainly clan gifts from the clan supply tab
  11. Complete 10 daily tasks
  12. Complete as many daily clan activities as you can
  13. Complete up to 30 repeatable missions