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There are 15 Daily Tasks available per day, each of them with their own reward. Extra rewards are given out when finishing five and ten daily tasks.

NameHas task description
Boss Raid (task)Complete Boss Raid (0/1)
Bring Harmony and JusticeComplete Repeatable Mission (0/20)
Chevalier of the WorldHunt Monsters (0/300)
Constitution and Strong BuildEnhance Constitution (0/1)
Crafting FulfilmentStart Crafting (0/1)
Dragon Pulse and EnergyMeditate in the Dragon Pulse (0/20)
Enchant EquipmentEnchant (0/1)
Enter Secret PeakEnter Secret Peak (0/1)
Enter a RaidEnter Raid (0/1)
Enter the Magic SquareEnter Magic Square (0/1)
Improve EquipmentEnhance Equipment (0/1)
Mine DarksteelMine Darksteel (0/20)
Obtain Miraculous HerbsGather Herbs (0/20)
Obtain Precious OreMine Ores (0/20)
Solid Inner ChiTrain Inner Force (0/1)
Extra Rewards
Finished Task Count Item Reward
5 Sealed relic box.pngRarity uncommon bg.png (UC) Sealed Relic Box
10 Vigor pill yellow.pngRarity rare bg.png Vigor Pill (60 Minutes)