Ornament Pearl

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[Mystery] Nefariox Horn - Complete Bloodshade Nefariox Horn to earn. Register to Codex and permanently increase stats.

A Nefariox tribe-made ornamental pearl used as a valuable gift. It glows mysteriously.

— In-game description

Two pieces of Ornament Pearl are adquired by completing the Nefariox Pearl from the Mysteries menu. The Ornament Pearl can be registered to complete the Uncommon If You Can't Dodge [2] and Rare Let's Try to Get Less Hits [2] entries from the Codex.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Crafted by[edit source]

Ornament Pearl is not craftable.

Rewarded by[edit source]

Contained in[edit source]

This item is not contained in any container.

Sold by[edit source]

Ornament Pearl is not sold or traded.

Used for[edit source]

Ornament Pearl is not used in crafting recipes.