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Achievements are longrunning tasks that can be accomplished per character. They provide rewards, similar to Daily Tasks, but are not time-limited. The achievements are categorized into Adventure, Upgrade and Challenge.

Name Task Category
To the World of Mir Sign in X times Adventure
Performer of Chivalry Complete main quest X times Adventure
You're a Truly Virtuous Person Complete common missions X times Adventure
As Long as It's With True Friends Join party X times Adventure
Mourn for the Dead Die X times Adventure
Unavoidable Temptation Use X MP Potions Adventure
Everyday Routine Complete repeatable mission X times Adventure
Irresistible Red Pill Use X HP Potions Adventure
Potion in time of emergency Use X Potions Adventure
Creating a New Clan Create a clan 1 times Adventure
Along With Clan Members Join a clan 1 times Adventure
Constitution and a Warrior's Body Improve Constitution X timess Upgrade
A Great Hero Reach Lv. X Upgrade
A Lucky Day Succeed with item enhancement X times Upgrade
Skill Training Enhance skill X times Upgrade
Don't be Disappointed Fail item enhancement X times Upgrade
Power Obtained From INner Force Training Train Inner Force x times Upgrade
About the Flow of Chi Obtain X Energy Upgrade
Difficulties of Gathering Gather X times Upgrade
Requirements to Becoming a Crafting Master Craft items X times Upgrade
Have Enough to Spend Spend X Copper Upgrade
Prepare for War Step by Step Enhance items X times Upgrade
Preparation to Be Stronger Spend X Darksteel Upgrade
Inner Force and a Formidable Tome Unlock Inner Force with a tome X times Upgrade
Inner Force - Go into a Trance Promote Inner Force X times Upgrade
Ability Obtained by Promoting Constitution Promote Constitution X times Upgrade
Hunter's Attitude Defeat X Monsters Challenge
Uncommon Hunter Defeat X Unique Monsters Challenge
More Is Better Obtain X Uncommon items Challenge
Value Is What You Get Obtain X Epic items Challenge
Value of Rare Thigns Obtain X Rare items Challenge
Imposing Hunter Defeat 16 Boss Monsters Challenge
Normal Hunter Defeat 5,000 Elite Monsters Challenge
Legendary Odd Treasures Obtain X Legendary items Challenge
Ready for Combat Reach the max enhancement level X times Challenge
Friends Make It Fun Clear Raid X times Challenge