Wind Pickaxe

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The Wind Pickaxe used by Boar Fiends. It helps the wielder mine as quickly as wind.

— In-game description

The Wind Pickaxe is an Rare Spirit Treasure that increases Mining Boost by +6%.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

This item does not decrease the time to mine, instead it increases the mining speed. The difference is that a 100% mining boost will not instantly mine the ore but double the mining speed, actually taking half of the base time (which is 10 seconds).
The math to calculate your actual mining speed is 10 ÷ (1 + (flat number on your mining boost ÷ 100)).
For example, an 62.5% mining boost is 10÷(1+(62.5÷100)) → 10÷(1+0,625) → 10÷1,625 → 6,153. In this case, instead of 10 seconds, it will take 6,153 seconds to mine an ore.