The First Sage

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The First Sage

Nefariox Horn (Mystery)
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The First Sage is the first mystery stage of Nefariox Horn (Mystery).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Finishing the stage will reward you with the following items:

In addition, there are the following mystery completion rewards from the event tab:

Clues[edit | edit source]

Clue 1[edit | edit source]

I can't get the golden sparkle I saw in the Blight Bug Cave out of my head. It wasn't an ordinary light. I might be able to find something special. Let's go back to the site I gathered the Goldsilver Flower and search the area thoroughly. It won't take long with Air Walk.

— In-game description

Clue 2[edit | edit source]

How can I trust Master Sarmati so blindly? What a question! I shouldn't listen to a babbling demon.
something still bother me...
I should go ask the people in Ginkgo Valley about this goblin.

— In-game description

Clue 3[edit | edit source]

They say the Treasure Goblin doesn't lie, but how can I trust demons? That goblin knows how to protect loved ones...
To know what it is, I need some Golden Silkworm's Gold Thread. But where can I get them? I should go ask people in the area.

— In-game description

Clue 4[edit | edit source]

Viperbiests'[sic] Accessories... For now, I should defeat the Viperbiests Crew nearby.

— In-game description

Clue 5[edit | edit source]

Great. This should be enough. Let's go talk to Jong Lichen.

— In-game description

Clue 6[edit | edit source]

The Treasure Goblin...
I hope he's still in Blight Bug Cave. Let's see what kind of story he weaves.

— In-game description

Clue 7[edit | edit source]

There's more than meets the eye?
What is that supposed to mean...?
He says good things to other but is
so mean to me. If I get my hands on
him I'll...!
He's gone toward Ginkgo Valley. I
could catch up if I hurry.

— In-game description

Clue 8[edit | edit source]

Sage of the World? Bah.
What kind of sage disappears before
finishing what he starts?
The Treasure Goblin is nothing but a
I'll find him and make him pay for
I'm gonna ask the people in Ginkgo
Valley about the Treasure Goblin's

— In-game description

Completed[edit | edit source]

Parkpo, did he use me?
He doesn't seem like a trustworthy
person. If he tricked me, I'll never
forgive him.

— In-game description

Solution[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the marked position in the Blight Bug Cave by using air walk. Then, talk to the Treasure Goblin.
  2. Talk to Eung Chaea in Ginkgo Valley.
  3. Talk to Jong Lichen in Ginkgo Valley.
  4. Defeat Viperbiests next to Jong Lichen to collect 25 Viperbiest's Accessories.
  5. Talk to Jong Lichen again.
  6. Talk to the Treasure Goblin in Blight Bug Cave again.
  7. Leave the cave towards Ginkgo Valley. A cutscene will be shown. Then, move to the green marker. Now, fight the Treasure Goblin until he runs away again.
  8. Move to the marker north of Ginkgo Valley. Use Air Walk to reach the first Treasure Goblin. As it is not the one you are searching, move to the next Goblin. After talking to him, the mystery stage is completed!

Important: The information that you "have to be level 78 or higher to progress" is misleading and does not apply to the mystery nor the mystery stage. It is only story-related. You can still complete the other stages without reaching such a high level.