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Description[edit source]

Use this infobox for rendering tasks within the game.

Usage[edit source]

{{Mission infobox
| name =
| type =
| task =

Parameters[edit source]

Parameter Optional? Default Notes
name Optional Name of the article ({{PAGENAME}})
type Unspecified Mission type. Use only these values:
  • daily — For all daily tasks
  • achievement — For all achievement tasks
  • clan — For all clan tasks
task Optional empty Verbatim from the game (e.g. "Find the Flat Tomb" or "Mine Ore (0/20)"). When including numbers, always use the default case. (not e.g. 19/20)

Example[edit source]

{{Task infobox
| name = Obtain Precious Ore
| type = daily
| task = Mine Ores (0/20)

Mine Ores (0/20)

— In-game description