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Description[edit source]

Identifies what resource is received upon finishing a mission or request (page uses {{event infobox}}), a raid (page uses {{raid infobox}}).

Sets the Rewards resource property.

Usage[edit source]

{{Rewards resource|<resource name>|<quantity>}}
{{Rewards resource|<resourcename>|<quantity>|chance=<guaranteed/possible>}}

Parameters[edit source]

1 (unnamed parameter)
Required. Name of the resource.
2 (unnamed parameter)
Required. Quantity of the resource. Stored as number.
Optional. Either "guaranteed" (default) or "possible".

Examples[edit source]

{{Rewards resource|Darksteel|3000}}

3,000 Darksteel.png

{{Rewards resource|Copper|5000}}

5,000 Copper.png

{{Rewards resource|Exp|9000}}

9,000 Exp.png

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