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Template for a crafting table row for a craftsman or the crafting menu.

Example[edit source]

{{craft table header|Caption}}
{{craft table row|Rare Virtue Pill|ingredient1=10 Uncommon Virtue Pill|ingredient2=10 Life Elixir|copper=5000|energy=2000}}
{{craft table row|(E) Moonlight Magic Stone|ingredient1=5 (E) Ethereal Shard|ingredient2=5 (E) Lunar Shard|ingredient3=5 (E) Solar Shard|copper=5000|darksteel=5000}}
Item Ingredients Cost
Virtue pill.pngRarity rare bg.png Rare Virtue Pill Virtue pill.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Uncommon Virtue Pill (10)
Life elixir.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Life Elixir (10)
5,000 Copper.png
2,000 Energy.png
Moonlight magic stone.pngRarity epic bg.png (E) Moonlight Magic Stone Ethereal shard.pngRarity epic bg.png (E) Ethereal Shard (5)
Lunar shard.pngRarity epic bg.png (E) Lunar Shard (5)
Solar shard.pngRarity epic bg.png (E) Solar Shard (5)
5,000 Copper.png
5,000 Darksteel.png

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