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Description[edit source]

List all use items or sealed boxes that give the specified item in an unordered list. Semantically, queries for the Property:Contains item property. If the list is longer than 10 items, the list will be split into two columns. Format using {{Contained in/result format}}.

Displays a suffix next to items depending on the Property:Has availability.

Has availability Displayed suffix
Historical (historical)
Discontinued (discontinued)
Future (future)
Unimplemented (unimplemented)

Usage[edit source]

{{contained in}}
{{contained in|<Item>}}

Parameters[edit source]

1 (unnamed parameter)
Optional. Item name. Defaults to "PAGENAME".
Optional. Used to specify the number of columns.

Examples[edit source]

{{contained in|Mystic Mir Ring}}
{{contained in|Vigor Pill (30 Minutes)}}

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