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This article is describing unreleased content. It is not guaranteed that the described content will be released in that manner or even released at all.

Starting December 14th[1], players will be able to tokenize there characters as NFTs.

Process[edit | edit source]

Minting[edit | edit source]

To convert a character into an NFT (called "minting"), it needs to be level 60 and a power score of at least 100,000. A minted character is still playable and game progress is synced with the NFT. The NFT isn't tradable yet though.

Sealing[edit | edit source]

To make a character NFT tradable, it must be sealed. Sealing also means, that the character will become unplayable after the process because it is transferred as NFT (to your linked Wemix wallet).

Trading[edit | edit source]

No, characters can be traded via XDRACO or through the WeMix NFT Market. A list of characters up for trade will be available on XDRACO as well. After buying a character, the NFT will be in your WeMix wallet.

Playing[edit | edit source]

After you obtained a new character NFT, you can launch MIR4 and import the character from your wallet. You can unseal it now to play with your new character in MIR4.