Mu Younggaek

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Mu Younggaek

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<Darksteel Exchanger>

Mu Younggaek is a Darksteel Exchanger at Bicheon Castle.

Items offered[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Limits
Glittering powder.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Glittering Powder 2,000 Darksteel.png 20 per day
Life elixir.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Life Elixir 2,000 Darksteel.png 20 per day
Millennial Fruit Leaf (Ore).pngRarity epic bg.png Millennial Fruit Leaf (Ore) 80,000 Darksteel.png 3 per day
Icon-placeholder.pngIcon-placeholder.png Old Equipment Material Box 30,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Identification scroll box.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Old Identification Scroll Box 30,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Enhancement stone box.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Old Enhancement Stone Box 30,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Sealed magic stone box.pngRarity uncommon bg.png (UC) Sealed Magic Stone Box 30,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Sealed chest spirit treasure.pngRarity uncommon bg.png (UC) Sealed Spirit Treasure Chest 30,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Icon-placeholder.pngIcon-placeholder.png Old Copper Box 10,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Icon-placeholder.pngIcon-placeholder.png Old Silver Box 10,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Icon-placeholder.pngIcon-placeholder.png Wrapped Uncommon Darksteel Box 11,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Icon-placeholder.pngIcon-placeholder.png Wrapped Rare Darksteel Box 110,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day
Icon-placeholder.pngIcon-placeholder.png Wrapped Epic Darksteel Box 1,100,000 Darksteel.png 5 per day