Jin Yangwi

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Jin Yangwi

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<Potion Merchant>
Potion Merchant

Jin Yangwi is a Potion Merchant at Snake Pit.

Items offered[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Small hp potion.pngRarity common bg.png Small HP Potion 10 Copper.png
Medium hp potion.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Medium HP Potion 30 Copper.png
Large hp potion.pngRarity rare bg.png Large HP Potion 90 Copper.png
Small mp potion.pngRarity common bg.png Small MP Potion Copper.png
Medium MP Potion.pngRarity uncommon bg.png Medium MP Potion 12 Copper.png
Large mp potion.pngRarity rare bg.png Large MP Potion 36 Copper.png