Shadow of Darkness

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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Brother Yiun
  2. Defeat Fiend looters 0/10
  3. Go to Ginkgo Village
  4. Talk to Brother Yiun
  5. Meet Master Sarmati
  6. Talk to Herbalist Hong
  7. Enhance Constitution
  8. Collect Cannibal Plant Root 0/10
  9. Go to the Bear Habitat
  10. Talk to Healer Gong
  11. Collect Bear Gallbladders 0/6
  12. Return to Herbalist Hong
  13. Gather Forest Mushrooms 0/2
  14. Talk to Herbalist Hong
  15. Go to Master Sarmati
  16. Talk to Cheomseung
  17. Find Brother Yiun
  18. Defeat contaminated creatures
  19. Join Brother Yiun
  20. Defeat Fiend Officer Hwadun
  21. Join Brother Yiun
  22. Search the other side
  23. Defeat Nefarioxs in the path