Nefariox Necropolis(Mission)

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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the secret passage
  2. ?
  3. Talk to Wu Yeogi [verification requested]
  4. Destroy the Tomb Rock
  5. Talk to Master Sarmati
  6. Stop the vengeful Gwakdo
  7. Enter the secret passage
  8. Defeat Tomb Guard (0/3)
  9. Look around the entrance
  10. Talk to the mysterious woman
  11. Obtain the jail key
  12. Rescue the mysterious woman
  13. Escort the mysterious woman
  14. Talk to the mysterious woman
  15. Move to an unknown path
  16. Defeat Kidnapper Horde (0/20)
  17. Take the opposite road
  18. Defeat Nefariox Horde (0/30)
  19. Move to the inside path
  20. Talk to the woman
  21. Go with the woman
  22. Defeat Cave Spider (0/8)
  23. Go after the woman
  24. Defeat Slime Monsters (0/10)
  25. Talk to the mysterious woman
  26. Go find Master Sarmati
  27. Find a way to open the gate
  28. Search the area for keys
  29. Go to Brother Sangbaek
  30. Open the closed iron gate
  31. Enter the opened door
  32. Vanquish the Wraith's pawn
  33. Talk to Wu Yeogi
  34. Gather Black Mana (0/10)s
  35. Deliver to Master Sarmati