Maven Heo Mann

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Maven Heo Mann can be found in Bicheon Castle.

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  • If you are on the Noh Wunjang's Evil Path Mystery (A Noble Cause) you are probably on this page because you are on Clue 6!
  • After talking to Ganghoo, he says to get 10 Rare Greater Yang Pills (the blue ones ;)) and take it to Heo Mann.
  • But in this case - Heo Mann doesnt show up with the usual Mysteries icon on the map.
  • He is also not an NPC in Bicheon Castle, so very hard to find!
  • After searching around, he is standing next to Ju Jangmyun, an NPC of Bicheon Castle.
  • So you can fast travel to Ju Jangmyun, or go here on the map.
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