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The purpose of this guide page is to provide useful information to common player questions. Feel free to contribute and to add your own question with an answer (but please ensure the given info is correct).

Servers[edit | edit source]

Main page: Server

When will a new server launch?[edit | edit source]

The launch of a new server is not disclosed before it actually happens. When a new server is launched, it will be communicated through the official MIR4 Discord, the official forum and social media.

Can I switch servers with my characters?[edit | edit source]

No, server transferring is not possible yet but planned.

Accounts[edit | edit source]

Do I have to log in through a social media account to play MIR4?[edit | edit source]

Yes, you have to use a social media account (or steam) to start playing.

How many accounts can I create?[edit | edit source]

At the time of writing, no account creation limit has been communicated by WeMade.

How many game clients can I play/launch at the same time?[edit | edit source]

A player can run up to 4 clients (read the "MIR 4 multi-account guideline" here), with certain restrictions, concurrently:

  • One game client per mobile device (no matter if Android or iOS, can't be the same account in use on another client)
  • Two game clients per pc through the standalone MIR4 launcher (must be two different accounts to use at the same time)
  • One game client through the Steam launcher on the same pc and concurrently with the two MIR4 launcher clients (can only log in to one steam account on one pc at a time and thus can only log into the WeMade account associated with that steam account on one pc at a time)
  • Virtual Machines, emulators and multi-client applications are expressly forbidden in this policy but multiple devices are not. That being said, in my opinion, the spirit of the policy seems to be that a single player may run up to 4 clients concurrently on multiple devices.

How many accounts can be used per IP address?[edit | edit source]

WeMade has not communicated a limit regarding that.

Can I play on different servers with the same account at the same time?[edit | edit source]

No! You can not log in with the same account on different servers at the same time or play with two characters of the same account at the same time. Instead, you can create new accounts and play them concurrently as mentioned before.

Can I play using an emulator like BlueStacks, LDPlayer or similar?[edit | edit source]

No! Using emulators to play MIR4 is not allowed and can lead to a ban.

Am I allowed to use VPN while playing?[edit | edit source]

WeMade has not commented whether VPN usage will lead to a ban or not.

Is ghost trading/pooling/trading between my own accounts allowed?[edit | edit source]

No! According to the MIR4 policy, players can be banned "if multiple accounts attempted to accumulate, give/transfer/trade in-game currency or used them for profit purposes". Hence, you are not allowed to trade items or in game currency between your alts for a low price.

Crypto[edit | edit source]

Can I reset the password for my WEMIX wallet?[edit | edit source]

No, this is not possible.

Can I connect my WEMIX wallet with more than one MIR4 account?[edit | edit source]

No, you can only connect it to one MIR4 account.

Can I change the WEMIX wallet that is connect to my MIR4 account?[edit | edit source]

No, once connected, you cannot change the WEMIX wallet again.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Main page: Codex

Will items used for codex vanish?[edit | edit source]

Yes, items that are used for solving a codex will be removed from your inventory.

Will time-limited codices last forever?[edit | edit source]

No! Bonuses from time-limited codices will be removed when the time of the respective codex is up. The running time is denoted as gray date-time interval below the codex bonus. Be aware that the timespan can be greater than the deletion date of the actual codex item (or vice-versa).

Spirit treasures[edit | edit source]

Main page: Spirit treasure

Can I use multiple spirit treasures of the same type?[edit | edit source]

Yes but it isn't that easy. You cannot use the *same spirit treasure* more than once on the *same spirit*. But you can use:

  • two spirit treasures giving the same buff but have different rarity levels on the *same spirit*
  • two identical spirit treasures on *different spirits*

Trading[edit | edit source]

Can I somehow trade with other characters?[edit | edit source]

The only way to trade items to other players is through the market. There is no other trading system between players.

Cash shop[edit | edit source]

I topped up gold but it is missing[edit | edit source]

Ensure that you checked the storage which you can find on the shop screen.

Cash shop screen with storage button
Cash shop screen with storage button

If the gold isn't there after, say, fifteen minutes, feel free to write a support ticket.