Chaos at Bicheon Castle

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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the Taphouse Entrance
  2. ?
  3. Go to Wu Yeogi
  4. Get to the upper floor
  5. Talk to Master Sarmati
  6. Leave the Taphouse
  7. Procure styptic
  8. Get info from villagers
  9. To Bicheon Castle Backstreet
  10. Shady person's approach
  11. Follow the shady person
  12. Defeat Assaulters
  13. Talk to the shady person
  14. Defeat the chaotic factions
  15. Trade with the shady person
  16. Receive styptic
  17. Battle Yonggol
  18. Go to argue with Jo Gyu
  19. Subdue Jo Gyu
  20. Talk to Brother Yiun
  21. Enhance equipment
  22. Return to the Taphouse
  23. Deliver styptic
  24. Observe the backstreet
  25. Go to Brother Sangbaek
  26. Observe the backstreet
  27. Fend off Sondeok's assault
  28. Talk to Brother Yiun
  29. Talk to Brother Yiun
  30. Go after Brother Sangbaek